Friday, January 14, 2011

Reign in Blood-bath!!! konspirasi Bingit in Temerloh

Once again, kids in Temerloh are organizing a gig and this time to celebrate the release of Soul Savior's debut CD. Beside us, there are awesome bands will perform such as:

Soul Savior (Temerloh own punkrock heroes)
MyHeadCorrupt (KL Hc/crust)
The Mindless Show (Shah Alam punkrock)
Toxictoy (Jerantut melodic punk rock)
The Pips (KL female fronted folk/punk)
GGK (KL ska/punk rock)
Khayall (KL stoner/metal)
SMG (Shah Alam grindcore master)

Can you believe it?!?! SMG is back on stage after many years not playing any gigs around. This is our dream come true to share a stage with this king of raw fucking grindcore master!!!

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