Friday, March 30, 2012

Shah Alam Speed Fucking Trials vol 1!!!!!

Fuck, we're super excited now! We're ready to battle face-to-face with other local grinders. And yes, this is a welcome back for our fastcore-grind comrade; Gymnastic Skull Whistling. Be there and be deaf.

Friday, March 9, 2012

4 Ways Split Tape

The 4 ways split tape with G.O.D./VIOLENT GORGE/PUTRESCENCE has arrived to us yesterday but in a very limited copies. Get it straight from Aggressive Valley Tapes at

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Review From Braindead Zine

Review for our 4 ways split tape with G.O.D./VIOLENT GORGE/PUTRESCENCE from Braindead Zine:

Release date:
January 2012

Review: I haven't got a physical copy of this (yet) so I'm reviewing this based on the bandcamp streaming:
so you can just as easily go there and listen for yourself.

It looks like this split release contains unheard songs by my personal favorite canadian band
G.O.D.! Recording is from 2008 but any prospect of new material from these guys excites me... And the stuff here is bound to give you a goregrind orgasm! I know I'm easily swayed by any pitch-shifted vocals, but hey these some of the most grotesquely awesome gurgling grunts out there. Not to mention all the razor-like mincing grind riffs, and frantically paced beats and the fat bass chords bulging out. Everything served with a really filthy yet sharp sound production. They're also playing two covers by 2 of my favorite swedish bands, early Retaliation & early Regurgitate (the RGTE one seems mislabelled on the download site though)!
Track List: 1)Bowel Obstruction Vomit 00:48 2)Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis (Retaliation) 00:30 3)Complete Rectal Prolapse (Regurgitate) 00:31 4)Pathological Violence 00:55 5)David Berkowitz (Dahmer) 00:41 6)Basement Abomination Part 2 01:00
G.O.D. facebook /

ROTGUT comes next, they're the only non-canadian band on there, actually they're malaysian... and delivering some mean grindcore. There used to be another grind band from Netherlands going by the name of ROTGUT (with members of CSMD) but this one is damn good too, worth checking out. It looks like some of the Rotgut tracks are unavailable for streaming, but hopefully I'll be able to get my hands on a physical copy of this split... with song titles like "Giallo's Nightmare", it sounds like this band could be right up my alley.

Track List: 1)Giallo's Nightmare 2)A Shriek in A Night 3)Rotfucking Gut 4)Rotting Bowel Ov Fucking Thrash-Gore!!! 5)A Life's a Life (Disrupt)

VIOLENT GORGE is their usual self, although maybe even more ARCHAGATHUS-like sounding on this material. I delve more into VIOLENT GORGE split tapes at the end of this Canada special!
Track List: 1)Accretionary Deglutition Causing Morbid Liposis 2)Cholelithic Mining Disaster 3)Emetic Maceration 4)Bulbocavernous Spelunker 5)Causalgic Cicatrix 6)Ototoxic Bruit

PUTRESCENCE kind of stinks up this split with a really awful sounding live recording, but it's all worth listening to at least for the brutal Mike Alexander stage banter between the songs, near stand-up comedy material!
Track List: 1)Asshole and Kidney 2)Kill Yourself, Shit Your Pants 3)Shh'd for Anal Decapitation


Note: The 4 ways split tape is out now on Aggresive Valley Tapes. Contact: