Friday, April 2, 2010

Upcoming Release

Upcoming 2010 releases!!!

- Violent Gorge/Rotgut/Grotesque Organ Defilement/Putrescence CS (AV/LHDLB/ZF)

- v/a RawGrindFreaks - Audio Terrorism Compilation pro cassette (Razor Sharp Daggers Recs)

- Split tape with Fart Wank ( (We haven't heard any news from them)

- Split 7"with Rotgut (No Fucking Label)

- Demo tape (786 Thrashard Recs/Sukma Recs)

- Split tape with Cunt Saw (Killed A Cop Records)

- Split CDR with Amnogomusikimalo (Noisecore Everyday records)

- Split tape with Abnormal Psychology (diy self release)

- And there are few others which is unconfirmed yet.

- Any bands want to do a split with us, do get in touch.

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